As of June 2020, i've begun to appreciate hacker camps more.
The last one i had been to is SHA2017, and the next one we're going to will be MCH2021.
I'm very excited about MCH2021, even tough it's still going to take a while.
Many ideas were made.
This page includes some ideas related to MCH2021 and some promotional items for MCH2021.

about MCH2021

May Contain Hackers 2021 is a hacker camp that will start August 6, 2021.
It is part of the
Quadrennial Dutch hacker convention, which started with Galactic Hacker Party in 1989. Every four years, there is another event in this series.

At these events, you'll find things you simply can't expect, other than that there would always be wacky things. You name it, it's there: giant flamethrower towers, tesla coils and so many blinking lights that the term "light pollution" had to be redefined.

But most importantly, you'll find many people, so many in fact it's simply not possible to meet them all. You'll meet people who put steak in a slowcooker all day and then hit said steak with a blowtorch to get the perfect rare steak.
You'll meet people that enjoy Portal so much that they build a functioning version of the sentries.
You'll even find people who have somehow managed to make a 3D-printer large enough to print a human!

There is a website for this convention: mch2021.org

bring home the bacon CPU!

Somewhere along the way with the CPU project, i realised it was a good idea to take it to a certain hacker camp.
I was originally fantasizing over talks about CPU design, but i know i couldn't handle the stage fright.
It was an idea in the back of my head for a long time, mostly forgetting about it.
And now, it's come up again!
This has made me think of many things, but most importantly, How do i get it there and how do i keep it safe? The idea might be a little over the top...
You can see it down here, and you can hover over a part for more info.

enlarge image

control enable
If i do actually add control, i don't want everyone to be able to control it. I'm unsure how i will implement this.

connection to CPU
Serial connection to a microcontroller in the CPU box which monitors the registers. Writing to registers will likely be done with instruction injection.

program / CPU status
Information about the currently running instruction and things like how long the program has been running.

5V adapter directly connected
Applying wrong voltage can easily fry my CPU, and i don't want that. So i will directly connect the 5V adapter as such you cannot mess it up.

register display
Shows the bits of the registers, with either lights, or "toggle bit" buttons in case i do implement control.

register hex display
I may want to also make a hexadecimal display of the register values.

more 8- and 16-bit registers

I want to implement control, but i might not.

control / info
About the current state of the CPU.

control / info
top aspect

control / info
left aspect

dimensions expected for GR8CPU Rev3.1:
24cm x 62cm+
9.5" x 24.4"+

Box that will house the CPU and "graphics" card.

General layout of everything.

Long wire so you can stand back with the controller.

MCH2021 being a hacker camp and this CPU being what it is, i start wondering... You see, at SHA2017, many things were "hacked", or as i like to call it, pwned. The thing i was wondering was exactly that. If i make everything envolved public info, will someone pwn it? Good question! I certainly hope they do, even if it's very superficial. So i made the GR8CPU Rev2 instruction set listing. It contains the entire instruction set and exactly how each instruction acts for GR8CPU Rev2.1. Also, i made the GR8CPU Rev2 technical description and the guide to using my assembler.

MCH2021 name sticker maker

MCH2021 promotional artwork.

Some promotional artwork by me, for MCH2021.

original 1080P promotional image made by me

font for the name sticker maker

only the sticker of the promotional image

nasmeless sticker, used for the name maker